What Are The Laws In Nevada For Medical Bills?

The Great State Of Nevada

If you are currently a resident of Nevada, or lived there previously and still have medical bill obligations, you should learn the recent changes in the Nevada state law regarding medical bills.  The bills which result from a medical problem are the most common reason people suffer from overwhelming debt nation-wide.  It is above all the most common reason people file for bankruptcy protection.  Knowing your rights under Nevada state law can help you take preventative measures to eliminate your medical debt before it consumes you. 

Just as in any other state, there is a statue of limitations on the medical debt you owe.  During this time period you may be sued by the debt collector, especially if the amount is substantial or you have assets which can be seized.  In Nevada, the statue of limitations for medical debt is 6 years for a written contract, 4 years for an open ended or verbal contract.  Check your debt to find out which one applies to you.

The Med Pay Advantage

Luckily for Nevada residents there is an option to help you avoid medical bill debt.  The state of Nevada has a program known as Med Pay.  It was enacted to assist with state residents who wish to avoid the plague of medical bill debt and possible bankruptcy stemming from it as a result.  Med Pay is a type of medical insurance, however much more inclusive and protective to the consumer. 

It is actually offered when you purchase vehicle insurance as an additional benefit.  Med Pay will cover you if you are injured in a vehicle accident, the most common cause of medical bills in Nevada.  It is so inclusive that it will actually cover you medically even if you are not in your car, simply near it.  These extra protections, while not total, when supplemented with private of state medical coverage can mediate your vulnerability to medical bill debt.

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