Debt Management Plan (DMP)

If you have trouble keeping up with monthly payments on your credit cards, our Debt Management Plan will work very well for you. Upon joining our DMP, 3DebtConsolidation™ will consolidate all of your unsecured credit card debts into 1 single lower monthly payment. Upon completion of the DMP, all of your multiple unsecured debts will be paid off, guaranteed! The amount of time this takes depends on various factors including the size of debt you carry, your monthly payment affordability among other factors. We will not make fake promises to you, but we will give you realistic feasible options that will help you become debt free in a reasonable amount of time!

Here are the advantages of signing up to our Debt Management Plan:

1) Better Repayment Terms

Since we work with over 200,000 creditors across the nation, we have greater power in negotiating and lowering your monthly debt payments. We will lower your interest rates with creditors as well as waive over the limit fees for you. This will help you pay off the original balances of your debt a lot quicker and will save you more money over the longer term.

2) Pay Off Debt Faster

It could take you up to 25 years to fully pay off your debts if you did it alone. If you join our debt management program, your debt will be paid off or close to being paid off in 3-5 years.

3) No More Collection Calls

Collection agencies will stop calling your home, work or your cell phone and you will feel a great sense of relief when this happens. Other creditors will stop harassing you or emailing you to pay up. This is because the payment terms we negotiate with your creditors is a win-win situation for both you and them.

4) No Juggling

You won't have to juggle through multiple credit card statements or other bills every month. You will have to solely keep up with 1 single lower monthly payment, that will pay off each of your creditors.

5) Stay Out of Debt

Not only will our DMP help you pay off your debts, it will also help you stay out of debt. The financial education we provide, the money management skills as well as the resources will change your way of thinking about money.