Post Debt Settlement Letter

You might have settled a particular debt with your Creditor but still receive debt collection calls! Given the fact that hundreds of thousands of uncollectible debt is sold to Junk Debt Buyers (JDB), you might receive one or two or more collection calls from different debt collectors, even though you have settled the debt with the original creditor! If this happens to you, use this sample letter to inform the collectors that the debt has previously been settled and warn them to stop calling you.

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Today's Date (dd-mm-yyyy)

Your Name
Your Address

Debt Collector's Name
Debt Collector's Address

RE: Collection Letter, Date (dd-mm-yyyy), Account #: (####)

Mr/Mrs. Debt Collector,

This letter is to inform you that the above referenced account was settled with the original creditor (Name of Creditor) on (dd-mm-yyyy). Enclosed, please find copies of my debt settlement letters with the above company and proof of payment. Since you now have proof that I have settled the above debt, I ask you to STOP calling me regarding this debt. Furthermore, I want you to remove all my personal references from this debt and remove my name off your debt collection database.

I do not want to hear from you again, and if you make further debt collection calls, I will report this case to my State Attorney General and to the Federal Trade Commission. I know my rights as a consumer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and will take any action to protect myself.

(Your Signature)
(Your Printed Name)