DebtWave Credit Counseling Incorporated - Reviews of California Debt Consolidation Companies

Physical Address: 8665 Gibbs Drive #100
San Diego, California (CA) 92123
Year of Establishment:  

- DebtWave Credit Counseling Incorporated headquartered in San Diego, California provides reputable debt consolidation services to its clients.

- DebtWave Credit Counseling helps its clients settle debts with creditors and helps lower monthly payments as well as interest rates.

- The company also helps in lowering or waiving over-the-limit fees or late payment fees.

- DebtWave Credit Counseling provides helpful debt consolidation calculators and other financial tools that help its clients be debt free in a reasonable period of time.

- The company also emphasizes alternative solutions to bankruptcy, such as debt consolidation.

- DebtWave Credit Counseling also helps its clients make good use of their credit, budget their household expenses and save more money, and pay off their debts faster.

Services Provided:

- Saving money, budgeting, good credit management.

- Debt Consolidation Loans & debt settlement with creditors offering lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and elimination of over-the-limit usage fees.

- Debt negotiation with collection agencies